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Sunday, June 30, 2013

First BTT Release : Dumnigarher Manush-kheko(ডুমনিগড়ের মানুষখেকো) by Satyajit Roy

 Dear friends and visitors,this is the 1st post @BTT and what would be the more fitting post other than a story written by our beloved Satyajit Roy??So here it is!!
 We all know late Satyajit Roy as a famous Indian film-director who won the Oscar and a fabulous story-writer but he had another special quality - he was a superb artist! His b/w sketches were trademark of his own stories,be it Feluda or Prof.Sanku's adventures or simply those one-off short stories!
 But one thing that many readers may not aware that,before the appearance in book-version,all of his stories were originally appeared,sometimes in the multiple parts,in either of Sandesh(his family magazine) or Anandamela magazines -  where he used to draw color sketches, besides the usual b/w ones, just for the readers of those magazines.Those color arts were never published in the books(you will get only the b/w sketches there)!

 Today I am going to post one such story where he showcased his talent not only in the plot but in the drawing - both in the color & b/w medium!The story is "Dumnigarh-er Manushkheko(ডুমনিগড়ের মানুষখেকো)" featuring Roy's one of the famous protagonists,Tarini Khuro!

This story was originally published in the Anadamela on 13th January,1982.Much later publisher included this in a compilation of Tarini Khuro's adventures,but there they retained only a couple of b/w arts,sadly!