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Monday, November 17, 2014

BTT #25 - Swmarok by Mayukh Chawdhury AND a Narayan Debnath comics...

 A rare colored comics by Mayukh Chawdhury from the "Bivabori" pujabarishiki by DSK,published on early '80s.This comic was later reprinted in a MC Samagra,in b/w probably,but reading the original version is something different!
 Like some of his best creations,this short story is based on a sci-fi concept...

Title : Swmarok
Writer/illustrator : MC
Year : 1983

Now a humor comic by Narayan Debnath from the same pb...

Title : Jhanu chele Kanu

Monday, November 3, 2014

BTT #24 - Stories from the First-Phase Anandamelas(1975-1979)

 Four stories from four different Anandamela from the first-phase....i.e. from 1975(1382) - 1979(1386) period when this was a monthly magazine.
  In the first phase of Anandamela,we had 51 issues in the first 51 months i.e. for a stretch of 4 years and 3 months(Apr'75 - Jun'79) before the magazine shifted from monthly to fortnightly but the size reduced drastically,almost half of the original shape...

I was searching for these 51 issues since the last few years and before the last week,I was missing 5 issues from which I got 4.....so the score is 50/51 and only 1 remains to track(Boishak/1385) ! :) [till Dec'13 I had only two issues but since Jan'14,I was getting these issues regularly,alongwith the later years aswell..]

These are the new haul...

The four selected stories....
Now a Tarzan 'news'(from 'Joyistha/1384')...as Tarzan was halted for some 6-7 months,so publisher had to explain the reason and so.. :-)
Few Tarzan pages from these issues..

Apart from Tarzan,the famous Noleda...

Besides these Anandamela,that day was fruitful with many Bengali and English novels/books,some of which I was searching for long!

 By the way,one of out visitors,Suman once pointed out to Mr. Herze - the famous creator of TINTIN - about a small mistake in the story "Bombete Jahaj" that first published serially in 1976-77 Anandamela issues(where he probably saw that mistake). The same story later published as book on 1996 and that mistake was rectified there,as promised by Herze himself!! :-)

 Here you can see both 'original'(from the 1977 Anandamela) and the 'rectified'(book) version from 1996..