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At BTT you will find posts filled with all possible rare work by our famous Bengali authors,cartoonists and translators whose work we love,cherish & appreciate since the childhood.That incld. all kind of vintage & precious creations by those famous persons,be it literature books,magazines or comics.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

BTT #13 : Satyajit - তোমায় সেলাম !!

 Today's the day....
The day to remember.
The day to celebrate.
The day to cherish the old memories!
And every time you would realize that he is still here,alive, even after more than 2 decades of his demise! Such an impact he left within us...

Once again, Satyajit - তোমায় সেলাম !!

 I donno about you but I will probably re-read(for the nth time) few classics on this day(and the days coming)...that's the best way to celebrate this moment that I can think about!!

Between,I'm posting a couple sketches by me as a tribute to this legendary creator...these incld. the great master himself and another from the classic রক্ত-মৎস রহস্য(of Prof. Sanku)....
Finally,for readers, a small compilation of SR's unfinished(অসমাপ্ত ) Sanku and Feluda stories from his last days...scans are from Pujabarshiki Anandamela 1399 and Saradiya Sandesh 1403,respectively!