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At BTT you will find posts filled with all possible rare work by our famous Bengali authors,cartoonists and translators whose work we love,cherish & appreciate since the childhood.That incld. all kind of vintage & precious creations by those famous persons,be it literature books,magazines or comics.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

BTT #6 : A Triple-Story Post

Enjoy a triple-story post.
 Stories have been picked from two magazines(Desh & Suktara) and are of different tastes...hopefully you will like these! :-)

  • First Story: PARTY(পার্টি) by DRUBJYOTI BANERJEE(Published in Desh 1990)

  • Second Story: BARNAKAL BILL(বার্ণার্কল্ বিল) translated by S.N. RAHA(Published in Suktara 1979)
  • Third Story: VINOD DAKTAR(বিনোদ ডাক্তার) by HARINARAYAN CHATERJEE(Published in Suktara 1980)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today we are celebrating our 67th Independence day!!
JAI HIND!!             

                                                                                                                               Team BTT


Friday, August 2, 2013

BTT #5 : Bagha-r Kirti!!

  • Original Strip : TIGER
  • Author & Artist : Bud Blake
  • Original Run :  1965 - 2003
 This US humor strip(sunday version) was introduced with the Bengali comic fans in the late '70s through Anandamela - the famous teen magazine - as Bagha(বাঘা)!! The translation was apt and that simply enhanced the fun-quotient of this popular strip!It has been siad that,at its peak, it was published internationally in some 400 newspapers!!
 Some names were simply catchy like Tiger(Bagha)'s stupid kid brother Punkinhead was renamed as Haru(হারু), that dog Stripe as Kutua(কুতুয়া) etc! :)
 In this post I have compiled 20 such sunday strips from my little collection of AMs from the period  '79 - '84.
And I will request Indranathda,the fellow blogger and one of the BTT members,to come forward with the rest of the Bagha's strips from his huge collection of AM from the said period so we can enjoy more of these strips! :)