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Saturday, February 15, 2014

BTT #11 : A TRIPLE POST - James Bond, Walt Disney and Raat Gobhir(A Horror Story)

Probably one of the first 007 Bond comics(if not the very first) in Bengali. This Ian Fleming's original(For your Eyes Only) was drawn by first Bond artist :  John McLusky. And the illustration was superb.
 On 2009, Titan released some volumes of JB comic-strips where the first volume was exclusively for JM's strips!
 [ Indian comic fans might remember that Diamond Comics introduced James Bond in the '90s and published several issues but, unfortunately, none  of those was by J.McLusky... rather DC picked Yaroslav Horak strips who was far inferior as an artist,and hence Bond comics from his era were major let-down! ]
  • Title of the Story : একান্ত গোপনীয়(For your Eyes Only ; 10th Daily strip)
  • Publication period(in Bengali) : Anandamela Pujabarshiki 1989(১৩৯৬)
  •   Walt Disney's COMICS :
The first Walt Disney's comic-strip appeared in the monthly Anandamela issues,although this series was already introduced in the Pujabarshiki!
  • Title of the Story : ডাইনোসর-চুরি(One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing ; 87th Sunday strip)
  • Publication period(in Bengali) : Anandamela Monthly issues from 1976(২য় বর্ষ ৩য় সংখ্যা - ৯ম সংখ্যা ; ১৩৮৩)
And the 3rd part of this post, a short but intriguing Bengali ghost story by Harinarayan Chattopadhay...
  • Title of the Story : রাত গভীর
  • Publication period : Anandamela April 1975(১ম বর্ষ  ১ম সংখ্যা ; ১৩৮২)
Now time for some trivia :
  Billy's boot was once again appeared in the Anandamela Pujabarshiki 1989(১৩৯৬),after his first appearance on 1983(১৩৯০),but this time he was not Bilas Roy but Billy Dane i.e. publisher retained the original name.It's quite amusing though to see a character in two different names under same publication within few years only,indicating they didn't check the archive before posting!
 But in this Anandamela, it was only a 2-pager,so not exactly a full-story but like a filler!
 And last but not the least, we all are familiar with Iznogaud and Timpa - two completely different comic-series - in English book-format,but do you know that they had their own Bengali series?? Yes,a quite lesser known publihser, Bingsha Shatabdi,published some issues of these series in Bengali in the late '80s as you can see the ads from an Anandamela issue.
 Only regret is that neither I have ever seen any of those issues in old-book shops nor the publisher is showing any response...might be they have moved in a different direction!
Anyway,it's amazing to see how rich Bengali comic-culture was in those days of  '70s and '80s till '90s...