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Monday, September 1, 2014

BTT #22 - Russ Manning's Tarzan Sunday - Return to Opar [Conclusion]

Conclusion of "Return of Opar" from the pages of vintage Anandamela!

Some moments...

 Queen La,being herself at the danger,still worries about Tarzan!! They say love is blind...I guess,it's selfless too!! right??

A new girl,and...a Love Triangle?? Not likely...La is not in that mood! ;-)
Finally,Tarzan rescues the queen....
 Now the cover-gallery of the remaining Anandamelas from which this part has been scanned(from বর্ষ ২ সংখ্যা ৪/ July'76 to বর্ষ ২ সংখ্যা ৯/ Dec'76) ...