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Sunday, August 24, 2014

BTT #21 - Russ Manning's Tarzan Sunday - Return to Opar [Part-I]

This was the 2nd Tarzan sunday strip published in the monthly Anandamela issues from the mid '70s. Art was as usual done by Russ Manning!

This story ran in 14 issues from Nov'75(বর্ষ ১ সংখ্যা ৮) to Dec'76(বর্ষ ২ সংখ্যা ৯) issues, where in each issue as many as 4 color pages were published!
[The very first story of Tarzan @Anandamela has been already posted here. That story ran from the issue dated June'75(বর্ষ ১ সংখ্যা ৩ ) to Nov'75(বর্ষ ১ সংখ্যা ৮ ).]

It's about that lost city Opar,queen La and how Tarzan rescues both Jane and that beautiful queen who is in love with him!

  And mystery continues.......

Read Part-I of "Return to Opar"

PS - Here is the cover-gallery of those Anandamela's from where Part-I of this strips has been scanned(বর্ষ ১ সংখ্যা ৮ to বর্ষ ২ সংখ্যা ৩ )...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

BTT #20 : সুপ্রভাত Once Again!

১৯৫১-র পূজাবার্ষিকী সুপ্রভাত থেকে আরও চারটি গল্প । গল্পগুলি কিন্তু random pick নয়, বিশিষ্ট কিছু লেখকের অনন্য সৃষ্টি যা আমার শৈশবেই পরার সুযোগ হয়েছিল ।
প্রথম দুটি গল্প আর পরের দুটি বিশেষ রচনা ।

সেগুলি হল তারাশঙ্করবাবুর "পরিচয়", সুধীন্দ্রনাথ রাহার নিজস্ব রচনা "কয়েদী", যাদুকর পি. সি. সরকারের(senior) "ম্যাজিক" আর বিশু মুখার্জির "প্রাণিভোজী উদ্ভিদ" ।

Sunday, August 10, 2014

BTT #19 - A Review Post : RAKA Series of Chacha Chawdhury

 The famous creator of Chacha Chawdhury & Sabu/Pinki/Billo/Raman ,Mr.Pran Kumar Sharma aka PRAN, passed away on the last tuesday. He was 75. He gave us a good fun-filled childhood.

Usually,no Indian comics ever published any info regarding the creator/artist except him(talking about old era). Due to his brief bio-with-pic was always present in the inside-cover of each Chacha/pinki/Billo etc comics,we were very much aware about him since childhood....it was like we used to 'see' him everyday although never met him personally!

Although I have moved on from reading Pran's newer output since the last 15-16 years,but most of the older issues still made me laugh....my favorites are RAKA series and those cross-over stories with Billo and Pinki .Plus anything with Japatji(Pinki) and Bazrangbali(Billo) stories.

Once again, RIP Sir!

Now a review :

In general Pran's Chacha Chawdhury was an adventure series in the backdrop of humor and most stories were ended in lighter note!! But Raka-series was completely different...it was much grimmer and violent!! This series was most popular among ALL Diamond Comics titles and ran for many parts.But the FIRST SIX parts were most famous!
(Story begins when Raka - the dreaded killer and dacoit - accidentally drank a special potion which not only make him a giant but gave him immortality and as a result his brutality increased quite a folds until CC and Sabu stopped him...but he keeps returning using his power of immortality!!)

[DB = 'Diamond Bengali']

RAKA #1 - Raka(DB-19)
RAKA #2 - Raka-r Punoragomon(DB-20)
RAKA #3 - Raka-r Protishodh(DB-21)
RAKA #4 - Raka-r Sathe songhrshow(DB-33)
RAKA #5 - Raka-r Tufan(DB-52)
RAKA #6 - Raka-r Akromon(DB-100)

Here is the cover-gallery of first 6 titles....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BTT #18 - Two Comics from DSK Pujabarshiki

 Two comics from DSK pujabarshiki : অন্ধকারের হাতছাানি(by নারায়ণ দেবনাথ) from মন্দিরা(1977) and নরকের রাজা(by তুষার চ্যাটার্জি) from চন্দনা(1978).

 I am not a big fan of তুষার চ্যাটার্জি,specially the way he portrayed human figures! While anything looks good(or decent,at least) on the old, vintage pages of these DSK pujabarshikies,and so this comic,নরকের রাজা, but the way 're-production' of many old comics were done in the recent years(by some publishers,incld.DSK itself!!), I do believe the result will be quite inferior with this artists' out-puts,which are nothing compare to his contemporaries like নারায়ণ দেবনাথ or ময়ূখ চৌধুরী .
 Plus, in reality,TKC was a very ordinary artist,he picked some fantasy-based/adventure stories but the art ruined whole thing,sadly!
[The only TKC story which I believe worth re-reading or reproduction,is কালো বাঘের থাবা, originally ran in the late '70s SUKTARA covering 29 issues..]

 Meantime,enjoy these comics....